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Big change starts small.
Ignite your passion for learning.
Wealth In Community Knowledge was established to fulfill the need for creative arts education, to share the knowledge of sustainability, and to strengthen our community. We place high value on a sense of community and in doing so everyone is empowered to bring what they desire to The WICK.
Getting Involved
Want to get involved? There are many ways! Our services offer a variety of volunteer opportunities. Work in the gardens or out on a build in the community. Perhaps you have a unique talent and would like to share. We encourage you to imagine new programs or classes to add on the list of services. The more knowledge we share, the stronger the community becomes!

Creative Arts Education
Music Lessons & Classes:
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Mandolin, Singing, Trumpet, Drums, Ukulele, Music Theory, Music Recording and Engineering.Arts & Crafts Lessons & Classes:
Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Jewelry, Knitting, Paper Crafts, Weaving, Photography.
Gardening Lessons & Classes:
Soil Amendment, Composting, Plant Spacing, Seed Planting, Maintenance, Watering, Sunlight, Fertilizing, Harvesting, Greenhouse growing, Indoor Growing, egg producing fowls.Cooking, Canning & Nutrition Classes
Ingredient Cooking, Nutrition, Canning, Storage, Meal Planning.
Volunteer Services

Working to better our local community is an amazing way to make big change. There are multiple ways to get involved.

Volunteer Services:
Yard & Home Cleanups, Garden Builds, Minor Home Repairs, Trash Removal, Graffiti Removal. You can even serve madatory community service.

Partners: Seniors’ Resource Center , Sustainable Neighborhoods Program


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